Restoration of XV Century Medieval Antiphonary [Collaboration]


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Notes about the photo gallery

My experience of working in the Restoration Laboratory of the National Central Library of Rome was the more formative from a professional and personal point of view. It is difficult to condense in a few words what was the most exceptional period I professionally experienced as a restorer. 

I started working at the National Central Library of Rome thanks to an internship, and for two years I was part of the team of restorers for the Google Books Project, one of the most important international projects for the digitization of collections. Thanks to this important project I was able, together with my colleague Federica Delia, to analyze the state of conservation of the collection of old printed books of the Library, which preserves all the collections of the Religious Congregations suppressed after the unification of Italy.

During those years I had the honour of collaborating on a voluntary basis in the restoration of one of the two medieval Codes from the Church of Santa Maria Paganica (AQ), which arrived to the Library after the tragic earthquake of 2009.

In this photo gallery I show you images of some of the operations carried out during the restoration that allowed the recovery of the precious artifact.

My deepest appreciations go to friends and colleagues at the National Central Library of Rome laboratory.

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