Restoration of the drawing “Nus antiques”, Giorgio De Chirico 1926

Restoration project for the de chirico foundation

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Notes about the restoration project

This delicate restoration involved a drawing by Giorgio De Chirico entitled “Nus antiques” of 1926, executed with graphite on paper, probably sulfurized tracing paper, 400 x 265 mm in size, belonging to the Giorgio e Isa De Chirico Foundation.

The design had long ago been fixed with adhesive tape near the four corners on a secondary support, consisting of cardboard with signature on the reverse and was contained within the passe-partout.

The work also featured a previous restoration carried out with paper (probably dyed Japanese paper) which over time had determined the formation of numerous folds and different points of tension in the original support as well as the release along the margins of the gaps of the pigment used to dye the paper used for the restoration.

The work had been veiled using an aqueous solvent adhesive and this probably caused the opacification of the tracing paper. The use of adhesive tape had caused the absorption of the natural resin in the fibers and the consequent structural and aesthetic damage.

The restoration intervention was carried out in full respect of the property and was aimed at removing the damage. The stains caused by the adhesive tape were removed with special solvents and the gaps were restored with Japanese paper of adequate tone and thickness. A reconditioning of the work was carried out in a passe-partout made with material suitable for conservation.




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