Contemporary Art Serigraphy Restoration: Andy Warhol’s Marilyn


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Notes about the restoration project

This restoration project involved 3 screen prints by Andy Warhol with the Marylin Monroe subject, great classics of Pop Art, part of a private collection.

The three works of contemporary art were strongly deformed due to a forced roll up. The serigraphs showed loss of pigment at the fracture folds. In particular, the work in black presented a pronounced lively fold at the height of Marilyn’s face. Other folds and distortions were present on the works as well as some tears.

Serigraphy screen printing is a technique whose final appearance is presented without any crushing or impression. It is a relatively simple procedure, but within the technique different types of graphic media, oils, natural or artificial resins are used. These materials can be sensitive and pose a problem when solvents are used during restoration. For safety, we tried to work as dry as possible. 

After a superficial cleaning, a leveling of the folds and reinforcement of the same was performed. This process was followed by the chromatic retouching and finally the assembly on conservative cardboard with Japanese paper brachette, in a way that helped keeping the surface leveled and, at the same time, allowed the work itself a certain movement in case of change of conservation conditions in terms of humidity and temperature.

This project has been carried out for Coo.Be.C, Cooperativa di Beni Cultural, Spoleto.

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